zeus Burnishing rolls

zeus Burnishing rolls

General information



zeus rolls for burnishing surfaces are mainly used for roller-burnishing or supporting round material during machining on a lathe. They can be applied in a standard zeus form knurling tool. If required, a customer specific bearing system can be developed and produced. These tool systems are suitable for processing cylindrical work pieces, bores, plane sides, conical work pieces and also convex and concave outlines.



  • Burnished work pieces show less friction and increased corrosion resistance
  • Subsequent-treatments like grinding, honing or lapping can be easily replaced through roller-burnishing processes
  • When used as a supportive roll, the bearing axis and clamping devices are less stressed, and the pressure on the work piece is minimized




Material:           1.3343 HSS
Hardness:         61-63 HRC

Types (mm)

Type RRA, Cylindrical

RRA041044turned & polished4 μm
RRA041544turned & polished4 μm
RRA042086turned & polished4 μm
RRA042586turned & polished4 μm
RRA051044ground2-3 μm
RRA051544ground2-3 μm
RRA052086ground2-3 μm
RRA052586ground2-3 μm
RRA061044ground & polished1 μm
RRA061544ground & polished1 μm
RRA062086ground & polished1 μm
RRA062586ground & polished1 μm

Type RRE, Convex

RRE0410443turned & polished4 μm
RRE0415442turned & polished4 μm
RRE0420866turned & polished4 μm
RRE0425866turned & polished4 μm
RRE0510443ground2-3 μm
RRE0515444ground2-3 μm
RRE0520866ground2-3 μm
RRE0525866ground2-3 μm
RRE0610443ground & polished1 μm
RRE0615444ground & polished1 μm
RRE0620866ground & polished1 μm
RRE0625866ground & polished1 μm