Indexable Drills - DrillMeister

Indexable Drills - DrillMeister


– Reduction in setup time due to exchangeable head system

  • Easy operation: Head changeable on the machine

– High accuracy same as solid carbide drill
– Unique clamping structure for high rigidity and repeatability

  • Preventing head from detaching in machining

– A wide range of heads applicable for a single body
– Straight type: Drilling and chamfering in one operation with chamfering adaptor

ISO Application:


Product Range:

Flange type: TID / Drill diameter: ø10.0 mm – ø19.9 mm, L/D = 1.5358
Straight type: TIDC / Drill diameter: ø10.0 mm – ø19.9 mm, L/D = 35