General Turning - ISO Turning

General Turning  - ISO Turning



premium tec.jpg

Special surface technology

Smooth insert surface for welding resistance and excellent chip flow

cvd grade.jpg

CVD Grade


t9100 series.jpg

Extremely stable tool life in steel turning due to amazing chipping resistance

T9105, T9115, T9125, T9135

ISO Application Range



t6100 series.jpg

The most efficient grade for stainless steel turning

T6120, T6130

ISO Application Range


t5100 series.jpg

Excellent for cast iron turning

T5105, T5115, T5125

ISO Application Range



t515 series.png

Versatile grade for cast iron turning at high speed, complementing T5115


– T515 achieves stable, long tool life in both continuous and interrupted machining!

  • Excellent wear resistance in continuous cutting with high speed condition!
  • Incredible chipping resistance in interrupted cutting!

ISO Application Range


 PVD Grade


ah600 series.jpg

Exceptional tool life for stainless steel turning

AH630, AH645

ISO Application Range


ah725 series.jpg

Super flash coating for high productivity in machining of steel and stainless steel

ISO Application Range


ah905 series.jpg

Maximum productivity in machining of superalloys

ISO Application Range


sh725 series.png

Ideal Grade for Small parts machining

ISO Application Range



ah8000 series.png

Outstanding performance in machining heat-resistant

ISO Application Range


Cermet Grade




Stable tool life due to incredible fracture resistance!

ISO Application Range

ns9530 pic.jpg



am series.png

Versatile chipbreaker for highly productive turning of steel

Unique chipbreaker reduces crater wear, providing high productivity and stable, long tool life


– Finishing to medium cutting
– “Lift-Ridge” shape prevents crater wear

  • Reduces chip contact and heat generation
  • Suitable for a wide range of cutting conditions
  • Effective in large area of rake face

– Specially designed protrusion and ideal chipbreaker width deliver good chip control
– Inclination on cutting edge decreases

ISO Application Range


fw series.png

Wiper insert series for advanced turning operations

Only half the surface roughness even at doubled feed rate compared to regular ISO insert without wiper


– Highly efficient machining due to uniquely designed wiper shape

  •  FW – Finishing
    Newly designed “Two-Stage Protrusion” offers stable chip control in machining with low depth of cut
  • SW – Finishing to medium cutting
    Newly developed “Two-Stage bottom” design provides stable chip control in a wide range of depth of cut

–Excellent surface roughness