Modular Milling - TungFlex

Modular Milling - TungFlex

Cutter heads with modular type:

DoFeed / HXN03

– Productive high-feed cutter
– 4 cutting-edge insert with optimized geometry for high-feed machining
– Inclination and large rake angle reducing cutting force

ISO Application Range:


TungRec / HPO07, HPO11

– High-precision shoulder milling cutter
– Smooth cutting due to helical cutting edge and large rake angle
– 4 chipbreaker types for a wide range of applications

  • Examples: Shoulder milling, slotting, ramping, and enlarging hole

ISO Application Range:


RadiusMill / HWD07

– Radius cutter applicable for profile milling

ISO Application Range:


FixRMill / HRP10, HRP12

– Suitable for 3-dimensional machining
– Anti-rotation system and highly rigid clamping

ISO Application Range:


TungFineBall / HBFM12, HBFM16, HBFM20

New indexable endmill for die & mould and aerospace industries
– Secure clamping system
– Unique coolant delivery system
– Available in ball nose and radius type inserts

ISO Application Range:



Adjusters for extending overhang length and reducing thread sizes between head and shank

Holders and arbors:
TungFlex system
– Cutter head directly connected to holder, increasing rigidity
– Reduction in tool change time

RED screw arbors
– Arbor with highly rigid carbide shank
– Suitable for machining with long overhang

TungHold series
– Applicable for a wide variety of chucks and holders
Examples: ER collet chuck, TungFit holder, milling chuck, hydraulic holder

Product Range:

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