Multi Functional Milling - Tungmeister

Multi Functional Milling - Tungmeister


– Reduction in tool change time

  • Quick head-change system

– Highly accurate repeatability due to two-face contact of taper and face
– Reduction in tool disposal
– No endmill regrinding required
– Flexible combinations for various application needs

  • Heads: Square, toroidal, ball, drilling, chamfering, slotting
    – VEE-R for roughing at high metal removal rate
    – VEE-C for combination of roughing and finishing
  • 3 kinds of shank materials: Steel, carbide, tungsten


– Square shoulder machining
– Profile finishing
– Shoulder milling with radius
– Chamfering
– Slotting
– Deburring
– Edge chamfering

ISO Application Range:


Product Range:

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