Shoulder Milling - TungAluMill

Shoulder Milling - TungAluMill


– High metal removal rate on aluminium
– Cutting speed (Vc) of up to 5000 m/min
– High speed rotation up to 38,000 rpm
– Unique pocket design with V-shaped bottom on cutter
Secure insert seating in ramping
No shear forces on screw
– Excellent in ramping due to positive rake angle and large clearance on cutting edge
– Insert with sharpness and strong welding resistance


– Components that require high precision, such as aerospace frame parts
– Rough machining of runners and skin in aluminium casting
– Available in various corner radii: 0.4 mm – 5.0 mm

ISO Application Range:


Product Range:

Shank type EPV16: ø25 mm – ø40 mm
Bore type TPV16: ø40 mm – ø125 mm