Face Milling - FixRMill

Face Milling - FixRMill


– Anti-rotation system with rigid clamping

  • Secure insert seating on protrusion of cutter body
  • Cutting force pushing insert towards pocket, resulting in rigid clamping

– Round insert with 6 indexes

  • No need to take off screw to change cutting-edges

– High-cutting speed Vc up to 300 m/min


– Profile milling for steel, stainless steel, and cast iron
– Rough milling for turbine blade of martensitic stainless steel
– General machining
– Mold machining
– Heavy electric machinery parts
– Airplane parts

ISO Application range:


Product Range:

Shank type ERP10 / ERP12 / ERP16: ø20 mm – ø40 mm
Bore type TRP10 / TRP12 / TRP16: ø40 mm – ø66 mm
Modular type HRP10 / HRP12: ø20 mm – ø32 mm