Face Milling - DoOcto / DoQuad

Face Milling - DoOcto / DoQuad


– 4 insert types:

  • DoOcto:
    Double-sided insert with 16 cutting-edge total for small depth of cut
    Positive insert with 8 cutting-edge
    – OWMT-ML for stainless steel and high-temperature materials
    – OWMT-HJ for high-feed face milling on steel and cast iron
  • DoQuad: Double-sided insert with 8 cutting-edge total for large depth of cut

– Cutter body:

  • Available in coarse, close, and extra close-pitch cutter bodies for a wide range of machining requirements
  • 2 types of clamping systems: Screw-on and side-clamping systems
  • Side-clamping system for extra close-pitch cutters assisting easy and quick indexing of inserts

ISO Application Range:


Product Range:

Bore type TAN07: ø63 mm – ø315 mm