Series RD1 No.130-08/.../90

Series RD1 No.130-08/.../90

Product information

Machine type:

Conventional and CNC - suitable for:

  • Lathes / autolathes
  • Swiss type autolathes
  • Automatic short-turning lathes
  • Multispindle automatic lathes


Form knurling (non-cutting forming)

Tool direction:

  • Plunge knurling: suitable for all knurling profiles, patterns and markings
  • Feed knurling: suitable for RAA, RBR, RBL

Product highlights:

  • Centre height adjustable
  • Intergrated set screws for easy adjustment of the clearance angle
  • Carbide pins
  • Special surface hardening for increased wear resistance

Knurling profile on work piece DIN 82: